SPAWAR as an enterprise operates a research and development network, providing Internetworking services between and throughout its various campuses across the US.  In the same way that SPAWAR's predecessor organizations (Naval Undersea Center and Naval Ocean Systems Center) were networking pioneers in the 1970s (operating node #3 on the ARPAnet), it has also pioneered the deployment of IPv6 to production enterprise environments, and began that deployment in January 2001.


SPAWAR has been working towards achieving 100% dual stack for all systems and networks, and has also been working towards operating IPv6-only on some segments of the network.  Some of the campuses (the San Diego campus, for example) is over 98% dual stack on all systems.   100% of all public content and services is dual-stack.   SPAWAR was the first to achieve a perfect score on the IPv6 Survey.


The SPAWAR research network provides an excellent capability for testing products in a fully IPv6-enabled environment, with lots of production IPv6 traffic.  This is important because many issues are not found in other testing or certification labs, and are only discovered when operating in a true production IPv6 network.


The SPAWAR research network also provides a measurement point for observing traffic patterns, loads, and percentages from a fully dual-stack client base, when interacting with a partially IPv6-enabled Internet.