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What is the Migration Broker™

The Migration Broker™, a Hexago product, is a tunnel broker implementing the Tunnel Setup Protocol (TSP). It allows the rapid deployment of IPv6 over the existing IPv4 infrastructure. Its unique features allow you to immediately take advantage of all the unique characteristics of IPv6 and a world of new and emerging applications.

There are two ways to get an IPv6 connection using the Migration Broker™, using the TSP client software or through the web interface. The first option is recommended, since it provides a broader range of features such as NAT and keepalive support.

Get IPv6 now in 3 simple steps!

Using the TSP client

Using the web interface

1. Create your account

2. Download the TSP client

2. Request a tunnel

3. Insert your account information and run the TSP client

3. Run the tunnel script

Notes :
1. Creating an account is not mandatory (depending on your service provider). However, doing so allows you to keep the same IPv6 address and prefix even when moving to a new IPv4 network.
2. If you are behind a NAT (your v4 address begins with 10.x.x.x or 192.168.x.x for example), running TSP version 2.0 and above is required. Your service provider must also offer the NAT traversal service.

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